Equipped 2018! Gender Matters

Karen Soole, Women’s Worker Trinity Church Lancaster.

The conference booklet is availablehere.

Equipped! 2017 Woman to Woman

Equipped! 2016 Teaching the Gospel from the Gospels

Carrie Sandom

We regret that these recordings are unavailable

Equipped! 2015 Practical Complementarianism

Ben Cooper Minister for Training at Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield.

Equipped! 2014 Written For Us

Equipped! 2013


Claire Smith Presented at theThe Gospel Coalition 2013 National Conference.

Don Carson, Research Professor, Trinity Evangelical DivinitySchool

Man & Women in God's Purposes

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talk 2

talk 3

talk 4

talk 5a

talk 5b

Peter Jensen, retired Australian Archbishop. Presented at Christ Church St Ives Houseparty 1993.

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